Our 12 week program focuses on long term results & health.

"We begin with the prevention stage - simple lifestyle changes which help reduce the risk of developing disease or to help manage existing ones better. We believe every person should live healthily and die of old age. That’s why we target the major causes of health loss in New Zealand. Then we take the lessons we learned from the healthiest disease free places on earth and combine it with gold standard research to improve your quality of life. Prevention, treatment & longevity – that’s what we do."  - Henry Lau (Director)

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The Menstrual Cycle


We explored the effects on fuel (at rest & during exercise), metabolic rate, hunger, blood glucose, insulin sensitivity, water retention, muscle growth & fat storage.

Diet Periodisation & Neat


Mitchell loves socializing and eats a variety of food. We focused on improving fat & carbohydrate oxidation through intestinal adaptations. We also overcame an issue no one ever talks about - non exercise adapted thermogenesis.

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Overcoming Plateaus With Adjustments


Robert has lost over 50kgs in the past 10 months. When attempting to lose weight over a period of time you will expect to hit periods of plateau. Not only did we continue to overcome plateaus we also predicted how often these plateaus will occur.

Improved Recovery & Exercise Performance


When training for a match we had test out various protocols and measure his response to determine efficacy. We worked on sweat rates, rehydration protocols, performance protocols and various other things.

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Mother & Daughter

N&C 1

Our taste profile & dietary habits later in age is heavily influenced by what we do at a younger age. We taught both Catlyn & Niqui how to eat well to support growth, recovery and health.

Special Occasions


We managed to fit Rachael in her dream wedding dress. Simple? No. We tailored the plan to an active lifestyle and done it in a way to promote long term sustainable behaviours. We also had contingency plans for her hens night, a plan for unexpected weight gain (worst case scenario) just before the wedding, bloating etc.

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Sharon loves her food


Sharon enjoys her jelly, ice cream, paella, pop corn, chocolate bars, paddle pops, noodles and the list goes on..!

Alyson is studying to become a trainer

alyson 1

Alyson is one of the many trainers that come to us to seek better dietary advice. She came in to learn, she tested it out and left happy with the results.

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