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Longevity & Wellness Transformation Package

$29.95 Per Week
  • The ultimate package to transform your body and really improve your health & wellbeing. This will last for a minimum of 12 weeks with ongoing support - for those who are serious about making a change.
  • Choose Your Own Food, We Make The Plan
  • Gold Standard Body & Diet Analysis
  • 6 Weigh-Ins for Full Accountability & Tailoring of the Plan
  • A total of 270 minutes of one-on-one time with our Qualified Nutritionist
  • Training, Nutraceutical & Activity Guide
  • Sauces & Spices Guide
  • Periodised Nutrition Plan - Diet Breaks, Refeeds, Cheat Meals & Diet Periodisation To Maximise Results & Break Plateaus
  • Advanced Body Somatotyping


$165.00 One Off
  • An excellent starter pack for those new to concepts in nutrition.
  • 60 Minutes of one-on-one with our Qualified Nutritionist
  • Science Based Meal Plan
  • Training & Activity Guide
  • Sauces & Spices Guide
  • The plan does not include any follow ups or adjustments. There is no accountability, no access to healthy recipe books an no ongoing help by our qualified nutritionist. These are features only available in our longevity & wellness transformation package.

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