Stretches And Mobility

All the videos and content below is produced by Dr Aaron Horschig. He is very knowledgeable and makes increadibly tutorials.

Wall handstand hold

An excellent way to control your range of motion following upper body mobility and flexibility work.

  • Requires A Wall
  • Works On Control
  • Hold position for 30 seconds and perform 3-4 reps

Side Plank Clamshell

A pain on the lateral side of their knee where the IT band connects could be due to an inactive or poorly coordinated glute medius. To fix the pain on the knee, you need to fix WHY the pain started and hit the glute medius muscle.

  • Requires A Band
  • Fixes IT Band pain
  • Hold each rotation for 5-10 secs and perform 15-20 reps

Pigeon Stretch

This is a great mobility exercise for targeting the lateral hip muscles like the glute medius.

  • Requires A Box
  • Stretches the lateral hips
  • 2-3 sets 15 second holds

Modified Pigeon Stretch

When trying to perform the hip opener stretch called the pigeon stretch, you instead feel pain on the outside lateral part of your elevated knee, try this modified stretch instead and see how it feels

  • Requires A Small Box
  • Stretches lateral glute muscles of your hip
  • Stretch until tightness loosens