Our meal plans & services have been so effective, we now manage the nutrition for some of the most successful personal trainers, bootcamps, companies and gyms around Auckland.

Modify You
Led by Issac & Nadia, Modify You accomplishes the impossible. Their well experienced and qualified personal trainers are there to help you with your long term wellness, lifestyle and habitual goals to better you and your families Health. If you are looking for some of the best trainers in Auckland then I'd suggest you contact them. But be quick! Clients line up for these guys.
Email: Nadia.ModifyYou@gmail.com
Facebook: @MyModifyYou

Domain Fitness
A modern and well equipped gym located across from the Domain in New Market. As soon as you enter Domain Fitness you will notice every member is taken care of - from nutrition, to sports massages to personal training. Domain Fitness is known for it's tight community consisting of members from ADHB, Auckland University, Tonkin & Taylor, Fidelity Life, Fuji Xerox and various businesses in the vicinity. The services range from one on ones to classes and boot camps that take place indoors or out in the domain. If you are looking for a gym with exceptional service then I highly recommend Domain Fitness.
Webpage: www.DomainFitness.co.nz
Facebook: @DomainFitness

Shape In The City
Arguably one of the most successful and popular fitness companies in Auckland. Shaun, the owner, handles hundreds of clients each week. They provide personal training and boutique bootcamps around Parnell & Auckland Domain. If you are looking for some fun & challenging bootcamps then I'd suggest you contact them.
Webpage: http://shapeinthecity.com/
Facebook: @ShapeInTheCity

Peak Physique
Peak Physique is led by a Lachlan Reed, a certified personal trainer. Peak Physique is situated mainly in Tony Martin's Sports Connection, Mount Roskill. If you are after an experienced personal trainer for one on one sessions and, is able to cater to all ages, shapes & sizes then I highly recommend Peak Physique. I've seen some amazing transformation come out from this company.
Email: peak-physique@outlook.com
Mobile: 6427 346 2491

Tony Martin's Sports Connection
Tony Martin's Sports Connection is arguably one of the most famous and well known gyms in Auckland. This gym is known for its large community and long history of athletes, bodybuilders & transformations. The gym is managed by Tony Martin, who in his youth, was at the top of natural body building. The gym now caters for all types of activity ranging from classes, combat, body building, power lifting, zumba, yoga, cycling, functional training and the list goes on. You will not find a more affordable gym with better equipment.
Webpage: TonyMartins.nz
Facebook: @TonyMartinsGym

The Current Problem
First and foremost, when it comes to our nutritional advice, we will never give you opinions. Instead, we only convey findings and position stands based off high quality peer reviewed scientific research. It is very common for people to search for an unobtrusive and simple solution, which appear to have some sort of “magical” property to it. With this being said, there is no magic pill, food, plant or method that will give you those fast results that most people strongly believe. If it were simple and easy to look like a model, everyone would be fit, healthy, in shape and there wouldn’t be 1.9 billion adults or 41 million children that are currently overweight or obese. A lot of experts in the field seem to be content with helping people make a few healthier choices, and that you should be happy with any form of weight loss. Not us, we get results.

Our Secret
Our meal plans are based of lessons learned from what we call the Blue Zones. This is essentially the common dietary patterns in the areas of the world where people live the longest and healthiest lives  than anywhere else on the planet. These observations are further backed up by tremendous amount of scientific research. We then combine this with flexible dieting. A methodical and quantitative way of dieting that lets us predict when and how much  your body will change at any given time.

Our Integrated System For Success
You will follow an integrated system that is only possible through combining the research & knowledge from 3 different fields in science (Kinanthropometry, Food Science & Nutrition), lessons from blue zones and flexible dieting. We will first conduct an advanced body composition analysis (in accordance to a world leading standard set by ISAK) followed by a series of tailored recommendations and physiological tricks that may appear like magic, but they’re not. You will break past plateaus, combat inherent physiological barriers to success, you will be able to push the boundaries of leanness and maintain it, develop sustainable behaviours, and develop skills that will allow you to have complete control and security over food and your body.