Robert loses 23kgs in 15 weeks

- Robert Pome'e  -


Robert's Story

Robert is an extremely humble and well mannered person. He is very motivated, persistent and is an absolute joy to work with. He is currently studying medicine, a very stressful and difficult period that every future doctor will need to go through. His transformation sets an example for all those aiming to lose weight.

When he first came in, he weighed 182.3 kgs. We sat down together and he told me "I want to lose 20kgs". With my background in both nutrition & kinanthropometry I took a good look him and knew that he could do far better. We measured his body composition and he had an estimated lean mass of around 125 kgs. Furthermore, as we discussed his previous attempts with weight loss and exercise, I had learned he had never carried out any weighted/resistance based training.

I told him three things: 1) we will aim for 160kgs as your first goal, 2) 135kgs will be your final goal and, 3) since you've never trained before and because your lean mass is so high we would expect amazing numbers coming out from you. For the next 30 minutes I explained to him foreign concepts such as "metabolic magic, refeeds and diet breaks" and how we will incorporate all of these to maximise fat loss and muscle gain.

12 Weeks Into The Plan

Across the 12 week period Robert had lost a total of 14.8kgs. We had 6 check-ins during this period where we constantly tweaked and readjusted his plan to maximise results and to break past plateaus. We took a moment to reflect on his results and how far he had come. There wasn't a single complaint or excuse. He had earned himself  the biggest cheat meal of his life - a buffet. I suggested certain food groups he should load up more on but he could have as much of anything he wanted. Unknowingly to him, I knew he was long overdue for a refeed (essentially a large increase in certain types of carbohydrates) and that it would benefit him greatly. He lost 3.2kgs the next check-in.

In the next 2 weeks, we did something no dieter would ever do... scroll down to find out.

Unless You
Keep Going


14th Week

Based of the information I've gathered from 7 check-ins I had also worked out that he was in need of a diet break - a 1 week long diet break where I had bumped his calories up by over 1,000. In case you were wondering if you had read that wrong, Robert did in fact consume an additional 1,000 calories per day for an entire week. He lost 1 kg of weight. Although, skin fold measurements are still at a stage where it is inaccurate, the amount of fat he would lost would been much higher than 1 kg. The reason his weight didn't do down as much would of been the increase in lean mass.

16th Week

After 16 weeks, Robert had lost a total of 18.9kgs. The fact that he had never carried out weight training prior to this program means that he is likely to be gaining some lean mass. With this being said, the true fat loss would of been much higher than 18.9kgs. From this week forward, Robert strength and determination was renewed and I had introduced him to our next stage of the plan.

Our Current Plan

We are now entering the next stage of the plan where we aim for the ultimate goal of 10% body fat. I have calculated that his weight will be sitting somewhere between 129-135kgs, lean mass 118-124kgs and fat mass at 10.8 kgs. This will take a total of 180 days, of which, 63 days will be NON-DIETING days. I will also be increasing his total calories as he loses more weight. Confused at how this works?

Robert Didn't Lose Over 20kgs Eating Salad

Robert is now aiming to drop his weight down to 133kgs. We've estimated this will take him 180 more days, of which, 63 are NON-DIETING days. That's a lot of refeeds, cheat meals & weeks of not dieting. Find out how long it will take you to reach your goal, book a free consult now!

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