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Robert Pome'e - Kicking New Years Off To A Great Start!

Total weight lost
20 kg left
Total Body Fat Mass Left To Lose
Until Healthy Weight
Waist Circumference Dropped
Progresson To Ultimate Goal
Rating Of Plan

"I thought dieting meant eating less. The number one thing that worried me the most was not ever feeling full. I was wrong! I get to have the most amazing desserts & still feel full every single day. It's been 6 weeks and I've already lost 10 kgs."
-Robert Pome'e (Medical Student)

Mitchell Kwan

Lost 5kgs of fat mass & gained 4kgs of muscle in 12 weeks

"What I loved about Trusted Nutritionists is that I was still able to maintain my current lifestyle - going out, eating out, enjoying myself & not feeling guilty about what I am eating. At the same time, I saw incredible results. There this one time I craved some fried chicken so I decided to talk to my consultant about it. Instead of just saying no, my consultant tweaked my plan up to cater for my cravings. A few days later we had a check-in and I was still on track even though I had fried chicken!"
-Mitchell Kwan (Business owner, motivational speaker & dancer)

Alyson Roach

Lost 3 kgs of fat & gained 3kgs of muscle in 6 weeks

"I didn't just get a plan, I had ongoing support & mentorship. My consultant was always a phone call away and offered help in a lot of difficult situations & events. Everything was tailored to me. My consultant asked for my favourite foods, my comfort foods and my favourite restaurants/places to eat out.
- Alyson Roach (Full time student, personal trainer)

Alana Harper

Lost 5kgs of fat in 12 weeks

"The plan was tailored specifically to my lifestyle and busy work schedule." Alana was instructed to eat burgers over the weekend and was told that this would help improve  performance, energy and results.  "My training improved and my energy shot up. I was so surprised to see that my fat mass dropped and lean mass increased as predicted by my consultant."
-Alana Harper (Doctor, full time mother)

Robert Hazelden - Setting Records & Leading By Example

"Before I came to Trusted Nutritionists I did not like what I saw in the mirror and I would always run out of energy. Before, walking up and down the stairs would be a difficult task but now I feel like I'm in my 20's again. I recommend anyone looking for a diet plan that; 1) works amazingly, 2) scientifically researched, 3) very easy to follow and, 4) affordable, then I recommend you go see the consultants at Trusted Nutritionists.
- Rob Hazleden (Full time worker, active & stressful job)

Wedding Preparations

Lost 10kgs of fat & gained 3 kgs of muscle in 10 weeks
Total Fat Lost
Total Muscle Gained
Enjoyment Of The Plan
Rating Of Our Services & Plan

Sharon Stevens

Lost 5kgs of fat & gained 3.5kgs of muscle in 12 weeks

"Ever since I came to Trusted Nutritionists I now no longer have a tired spell in the afternoon. I've lost a lot of weight, I fit my clothes better, I feel a lot more confident and stronger. Above everything else, I was amazed at the amount of food and variety I can have."
- Sharon Stevens (Full time worker, highly demanding job)

Keryn Herewini

Lost 5kgs of fat & gained 2 kgs of muscle in 12 weeks

"What ever your goals are I highly recommend the expert consultants at Trusted Nutritionists. Everything was tailored to my specific needs which made dieting very easy. P.s. My labido has improved!"
- Keryn Herewini (Full time student, receptionists & mum)

John Karlo

Lost 6.5kgs of fat & gained 1.5 kgs of muscle in 10 weeks

"I would definitely recommend Trusted Nutritionists. Henry was well-informed and made sure I had a good understanding of how the body works and how the diet plan will help me achieve my goals. The plan was catered around the foods that I liked, and was actually quite easy to stick to. I didn't feel like I was starving myself, and felt like I was still eating good tasting food. Using the his custom-made plan I managed to shred a ton of body fat and even gained muscle. Without his guidance I would never have achieved what I have today."
- John Karlo (Media designer)

Will Tottie

Lost 7kgs of fat in 16 weeks
Confidence For The Wedding
Progression To Ultimate Goal

"I tried a lot of fad diets, went through a lot of different diets that would last about a week or two. I finally found a plan that works for me that I can carry throughout my life. I fit my clothes better, I feel better, I look better and feel happier. Before I will lack the confidence to take pictures but now I feel quite happy to be in front of a camera. If you are looking to get in shape or change your life for the best, get in touch with Trusted Nutritionists, get your meal plan & change your life!"
- Will Tottie (Works for Auckland Transport)

Nicola Lodge

Lost 5kgs of fat & gained 2kgs of muscle in 14 weeks
Confidence For The Wedding
Progression To Ultimate Goal

"The reason why I think people aren't successful is because they follow fads and quick fixes that aren't sustainable. Some people are so concerned about what the scale says but it really doesn't tell you much. With Trusted Nutritionists, I've learned how to differentiate between fat mass & lean mass. With Trusted Nutritionists, the plans match my lifestyle and I was surprised that I could actually have bread. I have so much more energy & strength now. I have complete faith in my meal plans.
- Nicola Lodge (Works administration/reception at coca-cola, plays touch rugby)