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Cheat meals! Teaching clients about balance.

Part of what we do is to educate our clients how & when to incorporate cheat meals, refeed days & diet breaks into their lifestyle. Join us in a journey where we show people how to eat delicious, while looking & feeling great.

It has become very common for dieters to believe that they must strictly adhere to a meal plan to get results. Any food consumed that is not written on the plan is usually considered a cheat meal. Hunger, metabolic adaptations & cravings will push every dieter to the edge and in most cases, it will lead to a blow out.


Me, Robert & Our Friends From Modify You

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been really looking forward to having a cheat meal with one of my clients, Robert. We started off at 182 kgs and just after 15 weeks of dieting (excluding a 1-2 week diet break) we had finally hit his initial goal of 160kgs. One Friday morning he jumped on the scale and hit 159 kgs. Both me and the team at Modify You were super excited and extremely proud of his commitment to a better & healthier lifestyle.

We all shared a strong passion for food, particularly burgers. We arrived at Fokker Bros for an afternoon lunch on Saturday and were seated immediately. The place was quiet with plenty of seats in & outdoors. It feels like a nice casual spot to sit and eat at. It also had a clear view of the kitchen area which I thought was pretty cool but ultimately it felt like your usual burger joint.

However, when I opened the menu there were a few options that looked a bit different from the previous burger places i’ve been too. The first choice was obviously the Buffalo Chicken. I knew 2 things; 1) buttermilk fried chicken is usually a safe option to go for and, 2) buffalo sauce with blue cheese is a really good combination. My next option would have been the porker or a freak shake.



The Buffalo Chicken

I had ordered myself The Buffalo Chicken. When I first got my burger it didn’t look like anything special or something out of the ordinary to me. It didn’t have the smell of grease nor did it perfume as it sat in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, it looked delicious and far better than any fast food chain.

The burger was medium sized, the brioche buns were toasted perfectly. There is nothing that spoils a burger more than a soggy bun on the inside. Both black & white sesame seeds were used on buns (nice touch).  On a side note, I did enjoy having the basket to eat a burger with (i’m a messy eater when it comes to burgers and hate having crumbs on the table).

As I took my first bite, I first notice the crisp of the chicken. The fizz of a soda comes to mind – possibly carbonated? The batter was light, golden and was seasoned immaculately. The chicken was moist, tender and did have any traces of grease. I’ve had good chicken in the past but I really wasn’t expecting the chicken to taste this good.

As soon as I had sank my mouth into the chicken I could taste the blue cheese mayo.  As it entered my mouth there was an explosion of flavours. The first thing I noticed was the creaminess with a hint sourness & acidity. Then as I devoured the rest of the bite, a deep delicious but subtle pungent aroma of the blue cheese becomes apparent. It was the perfect combination. Each bite was an experience.

The celery slaw was perfect for bringing balance back. It added great texture, a sense of freshness and it acted as a palette cleanser with each bite. We are dealing with some unique and intense flavours in the burger.

Overall, I would say the best part of this burger would be the blue cheese mayo, particularly the subtle taste of blue cheese at the end of each bite. Seats were easy to get, food was served relatively quick and the overall atmosphere was quite chill.


Easy ways to have a healthier cheat meal

First things first: there is no way that you should be eating burgers and chips on a daily basis. On the other hand, burgers and chips aren’t “bad” foods. You can have a bad diet, but “bad” foods don’t exist.

The Buffalo Chicken:

  • 2x Brioche bun toasted with olive oil: Cals: 400, Pro: 8g, Fat:21g, Carbs: 45g
  • 150-200g of buttermilk fried chicken: Cals: 444, Pro: 28g, Fat:25g, Carbs: 26g
  • 2-3 heaped Tbs of blue cheese mayo: Cals: 167, Pro: 2g, Fat:14g, Carbs: 8g
  • Total: Cals: 1007, Pro: 38g, Fat:60g, Carbs: 78g
  1. Make sure the chicken is deep fried properly
    The good thing about this burger is that the chicken was deep fried perfectly. When chicken is fried at the perfect heat, it forms a crust that prevents excessive oil from seeping in. Poorly friend chicken usually have a higher fat content.

2. Opt for low calorie sauces
If you can, use low fat or low calorie sauces. What I loved about Fokker Bros was that they had a lower calorie mustard sauce. This surprised me as it tasted like normal mustard.

3. Go for larger fries or large wedge:
This is simple. Smaller fries have a larger surface to volume ratio whereas larger fries/wedges have a smaller surface to volume ratio. This means that per gram, the small chips will have more oil in them. Each gram of fat has 9 calories in it – the most energy dense macronutrient.

4. Switch out fizzy drinks for sugar free/ zero calorie options:
Artificial sweeteners are safe to have. You can save roughly 200 – 300 calories just by switching to a low calorie alternative.

To find out more about Robert’s personal trainers visit:

Robert didn’t lose over 20kgs eating salad.

Robert is now aiming to drop his weight down to 133kgs. We’ve estimated this will take him 180 more days, of which, 63 are NON-DIETING days. That’s a lot of refeeds, cheat meals & weeks of not dieting. Find out how long it will take you to reach your goal, book a free consult now!


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