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Niqui Conquers Relay For Life

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– Niqui Taylor  –

Niqui’s Story

Niqui first came to us wanting to improve the way she ate, she wanted to take control over her life and to live healthier, fuller and fitter. She initially weighed 83.8kgs with a fierce look in her eye and was determined to drop the weight.

 After a couple months she had dropped a total of 7.7kgs of fat and gained 0.9kgs of lean mass. Her waist went down from 87.7cm to 73cm (14.7cm drop!) and her gluteal from 126.1cm to 112cm (14.1cm drop!). Incredible.

Relay for life involves teams of people that walk or run around a track. A fun challenge that brings communities together to support the Cancer Society and to remember love ones affected by cancer. She had beat cancer and was determined to walk a total of 35 km. It started off strong and everybody was high spirited, but eventually fatigue had started to kick in around the 4 hour mark. Despite that, Niqui held on and pushed through, walking a total distance of 35km across 7 hours. That’s equivalent to walking from Auckland Central right up to Whangaparoa. At the end of an eventful day she sat down and enjoyed a well deserved cheat meal and is now aiming for 100km in the future.

Niqui enjoys her plan, loves her food and is always super enthusiastic. With each check-in we have, she always gets positive results and her fat keeps melting away.

Here’s the thing, even with good results she was overdue for a diet break, a period of time where we increase her caloric intake drastically. We’ve loaded her diet up with large quantities and specific types of carbohydrates. For most dieters, this seems like a crazy thing to do with the thought of weight regain. In fact, weight regain happens quite frequently and is especially true when it comes to fad diets.

With any weight loss, there is a number of metabolic adaptations that will aim to restore body mass back to baseline. One of the main key factors that influences the likelihood of weight regain is the loss in lean mass. Niqui’s diet was designed in a way to maintain (if not increase) lean mass while incorporating skills that allow her to eat normally outside a plan. We’ve also designed her plan in a way to accommodate periods of refeeds, diet breaks & cheat meals at different stages to minimise some the weight gaining effects of these adaptations. Curious about how many cheat meals, refeeds & diet breaks she will be getting? Keep Reading.

704 Teams
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Our Current Plan With Niqui

Our current goal is to continue dropping fat mass while maintaining (if not increase) lean mass. Her initial goal was to drop down to 71kgs and her current weight is at 77kgs. Through calculation it will take her 6.2 weeks on our current plan to reach that stage. If she wanted to get any leaner (visible abs) then it would take another 11.7 weeks.

That is a total of 20 week or 140 days left of dieting to reach 20% body fat. Although 140 days sounds quite daunting, 45 of those days will be non-dieting days. As she gets leaner, we will be looking to increase the number of dieting days as well as her daily caloric intake. We will also be teaching her more skills so that one day she would have complete dietary freedom.

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